Comments from previous clients regarding their book-publishing experience:

I have enjoyed the privilege of working with Doug Weaver on four books since 2010.  His calm demeanor and professionalism has made it a truly rewarding experience. The books have been successful beyond my expectations.  In the end, I will treasure the memories and take pride in a friendship we will share for a lifetime.

Bruce Mathews
Author, Photographer

Mathews Communications

In 2012 I decided to write an art-related book and was fortunate to meet Doug Weaver.  Knowing little about the publication process, I felt very comfortable with Doug's professionalism and ability to take the book from an idea to a quality-finished product.  He provided experienced editors, stellar book designers and printers who beautifully reproduced color paintings.   A second publication in 2014 was treated with equal expertise.  Needless to say, my future books will have Doug Weaver's publication house at the helm.

Roland Sabates
Author and curator
Oak Street Mansion Art Collection 

Doug was a master at juggling the many personalities involved in publishing a coffee-table history book of the University of Missouri in honor of its 175th anniversary. He deftly balanced the needs of editors and writers while keeping a plethora of university stakeholders happy, involved and informed throughout the nine-month process. We weren’t sure we would be able to produce a quality book that adequately covered MU’s long and rich history in such a brief time period. However, Doug was our secret weapon, handling all aspects with grace, creativity and professionalism.

Laura Roloff
Integrated Marketing Strategist

University of Missouri

Having self-published a book about organized crime in Kansas City, Missouri, I was not prepared to go through that process again, although I had sufficient material for a follow-up book.  Doug Weaver was familiar with my book, and recognizing the potential for a sequel contacted me re taking on the publishing of it.

I can summarize the process by saying Doug made it as simple and efficient for me as I could have hoped for.  The editing, art work, and entire production process was handled professionally and the end product was
a book that has had excellent sales.

Doug Weaver is a person who is easy to work with, always accessible, responsive to your needs, and extremely knowledgeable when it comes to the business of publishing books

William Ouseley
Former FBI agent and author

Mobsters in Our Midst

Doug Weaver was wonderful to work with on our recently published book on Kansas City’s Historic Union Cemetery.  He was not only a true professional, but a very kind and helpful person. His level of detail in explaining the process, help with providing a production team to work with and customer service in general was the best.  

I can’t imagine a better experience than the one Doug Weaver provided.  I hope to work with him again, soon.

Judith King
Union Cemetery Historical Society

I found working with Doug Weaver on my book, Entrepreneurs + Mentors = Success, highly productive as well as enjoyable.  Doug’s vast experience in the publishing world contributed to a smooth and effortless process with an outcome that exceeded my expectations.

Barnett Helzberg
Helzberg Entrepreneurial Mentoring Program


Doug Weaver served as publisher for Last Bite: 100 Simple Recipes from Kansas City's Best Chefs and Cooks, originally published by KC Star Books. After I pitched the initial concept to Doug, he provided clear guidance through the entire publishing process for my first book. He and I discussed the audience scope, potential book format and financial viability of this project. 

Doug offered detailed, straightforward figures about the run quantity, break-even point, costs and royalties. This information helped me understand the economics behind this book. Further, his guidance and consultation reassured me that I was partnering with an experienced publishing professional, where our mutual interests and likelihood of profitability were equally important.

His flexible approach enabled us to quickly assemble a tight-knit team of an editor, designer and photographer. We produced and published the book on a tight schedule and on deadline. Doug's stewardship made the pre- and post-publishing process smooth and stress-free. I look forward to working with him again on future projects.

Pete Dulin, author
Last Bite: 100 Simple Recipes from Kansas City's Best Chefs and Cooks
KC Ale Trail

I can recommend Doug Weaver for any and all phases of the publishing business, without hesitation or reservation. He has guided me through the production of three books and, even though I was a neophyte, he had the patience to help me navigate the rather complex and sometimes convoluted process of getting a book from a mere concept to a solid, physical volume. If you are fortunate enough to work with Doug on any publishing venture, I predict you will be as enthusiastic about your association with him as I was.

Roy Inman
Photographer, Author


I had the pleasure of working with Doug on my book/cd project and I was so very impressed. Although he had multiple authors and projects going at the same time, I never felt that my project wasn't his top priority. Doug's experience, steady hand and sensitivity to my project was crucial to its success. Doug always listened to my ideas, yet never failed to give his opinion even when I sometimes resisted. In the end he was right and my project was better for it.

Von Kopfman, author
Letters for Healing: The Therapeutic Value of Writing to a Lost Loved One


I had self-published two books with difficulty before I found Doug Weaver. He was very forthright in stating what he could and couldn’t do; his team performed editing duties carefully and without delay; the registration, printing and distribution system he arranged have been flawless; and, he has kept his word.

Jared J. Grantham MD, FACP
University Distinguished Professor
University of Kansas Medical Center
Author, Why I Think About Urine

I thoroughly enjoyed working with Doug Weaver on the Kansas City Chamber of Commerce’s 125th anniversary book, Business and the Making of Kansas City. He worked closely with us to refine the concept, and assembled a dream team of professionals to assist with every step from writing through printing. Most of all we appreciated his flexibility, as we set up a unique project funding model, working with Chamber member sponsors to help cover our costs and contribute their stories. The first end result:  an amazing book we are so proud of, detailing the comprehensive history of the growth of our region, as it is tied to the growth of our organization and the KC business community as a whole. The second end result:  profit!  Thanks to Doug.

Melanie Mattes
Marketing Director
Greater Kansas City Chamber of Commerce


Doug Weaver is the kind of publisher purposeful writers hope finally to find.  He reads your work with the mind of an audience, an eye to the market, and an ear for your own unique voice.  With that expertise he gently coaxed my work out of its manuscript, fitted it with an excellent editor and dressed it out with a creative design artist until the work could finally become the quality book I had always hoped it might be.

James J. Heiman, author
Voices in Bronze and Stone:  Kansas City’s World War I Monuments and Memorials


As a first-time author, I ventured into Doug's office with great trepidation and worry of what he would think of my book idea. I was quickly put at ease and he immediately showed interest in my book on the butterflies of the Kansas City region.  I also was concerned about my complicated layout, but he was supportive and provided me excellent guidance on finalizing my book. It was a great experience and a super nice book was produced.

Betsy Betros
A Photographic Field Guide to Butterflies of the Kansas City Region

Having never written a book, Doug's advice proved to be sage at every turn of the page.  One day, we were simply finished--no stress, no stroke, no extra time on the analyst's couch--the entire process painless compared to the possible scenarios I'd imagined! 

Michael Murphy
Chief Content Officer, KCPT-TV
Rare Visions and Roadside Revelations; Coast-to-Coast Travel-o-Pedia


 It is a privilege to share the experience my late husband and I had in working with Doug Weaver. He was the publisher for our book that was released in January, 2015.  From our first contact with Doug, we were confident that he would steer us through the development, production, printing, and distribution steps. His wisdom/guidance was always positive and constructive in making decisions during the process.  Our book is over 300 pages in length and very handsome. It is of the highest quality - as is Doug Weaver.  He is both a consummate professional and a gentleman.

Patricia G. Burton, MS, CRAADC
Co-editor with Jerald A. Burton, MD, Ph.D

A Proven Experiment: Looking Back at the UMKC School of Medicine